A Nifty toolkit that helps you Geolocate faster with AI.

Automate the process of constructing overpass turbo queries, sifting through streetview/satellite images, initial geo-guessing, and more.

EarthKit is open-source and will be self-hostable. Feel free to try it out here! A free compute credit will be granted on signup. Note that we are still in the early stages of development, and features may be slow, unstable, or unavailable.

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EarthKit Features:

Sift Through Coordinates with Ease

Browse and annotate coordinates, streetview, satellite, and more

OpenStreetmap Querying

Construct Overpass-Turbo Queries with Natural Langauge and Intelligent Suggestions

Use AI to Accelerate Your Investigation

Enrich, sort, and filter your geographical data with SOTA models such as GPT-4o.

Start Your Investigation with GeoEstimation

Estimate the location of any image with GeoCLIP